Environmental Funding


State environmental programs provide a wide array of environmental education, recreation, protection, and conservation programs from supporting open space acquisition to municipal recycling to drinking water protection. CCE works with our partners to ensure adquate and consistent funding.

In New York, programs are primarily funded through the Environmental Protection Fund, and in Connecticut the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) supports these numerous programs.

Farming Future


Agriculture sustains our communities, our bodies, and our environment. Over the last 200 years however, the agrarian ideal has changed drastically. Large concentrated animal feeding operations produce waste that can contaminate drinking water, sicken individuals recreating in our nation’s waterways, and lead to massive fish kills. However, this potential for destruction should not force farming out of our great nation.

Preventative and sustainable solutions are available, such as nutrient management plans, encouraging policies that allow smaller farms to thrive, and providing financial assistance to farmers to implement needed farm lot improvements.

CCE is working to help shape important agriculture environmental management policies and decisions by actively participating at the table, engaging key agency staff, educating decision makers and the public on the threats from industrialized agriculture operations and the benefits and solutions for long term agriculture sustainability. CCE sits on the NYS DEC CAFO working group working to positively shape agricultural policies in New York. Additionally, CCE actively works every year to provide resources for New York State farmers through the Environmental Protection Fund.