Central New York: Heat Your Home Without Fossil Fuels


Upcoming HeatSmart CNY Events Near You!

HeatSmart CNY has several FREE upcoming events in Central New York. Registration and additional information for these events can be found on HeatSmart CNY’s website.

  • Cortland Open House Sun, May 26 - 2:00pm, 3996 Crestwood Court, Cortland, NY 13045

  • Homer Renewable Heating and Cooling Workshop Wed, June 5 - 6:30pm, Center for the Arts of Homer, 72 S Main St. homer, NY 13077

  • Truxton Open House Sun, June 9- 2:00pm, 6635 Morgan Hill Rd, Truxton, NY 13158

  • Preble Open House Sun, June 30 – 2:00pm, 1981 Preble Rd, Preble, NY 13141

  • Tully Presentation Mon, July 8 – 5:00pm 12 State St, Tully NY 13159   

Geothermal heating systems are a great way to heat your home or business without using fossil fuels. About a third of greenhouse gas emissions in CNY come from heating homes. Switching to a geothermal system could not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also save you some money. Fossil fuels can be expensive in comparison to the natural heat that geothermal systems capture from underground.

HeatSmart CNY is a grassroots community initiative to support residents and businesses in exploring ways to improve the efficiency of their buildings, including air source, ground source, and hot water heat pump technologies. To learn more about geothermal technologies, join us at upcoming HeatSmart events. If you own a home or business in Cayuga, Cortland, Madison, Onondaga, or Oswego Counties, you can sign up for a free, no obligation energy assessment!

How does geothermal work?
Really, it’s quite simple. Pumps bring air up from an underground pipe system where the temperature is constant regardless of the weather. Then this air is pushed through air vents in the house much like it would be in a furnace heating system. The temperature underground is relatively warm in the winter, and cool in the summer so a geothermal system can keep your house comfortable all year long!

Thank you for taking action. Together we make a difference!

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