2014 New York State Energy Plan

New York State is currently in the process of developing an energy plan that will help guide the state's energy decisions for years to come. The State Energy Planning Board has released a draft New York State Energy Plan, which is available for public review and comment. This is a critical time to weigh in and demand that NYS invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency, while making dirty, polluting fossil fuels a thing of the past.

While the draft plan does take some steps in the right direction by calling for reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and more renewable energy development, it does not go far enough. To fight climate change, reduce harmful fossil fuel pollution, and fully realize New York's renewable energy potential, the plan must set more aggressive goals, while establishing interim targets that will ensure the long-term goals are achieved.

Check out our action alert for tips on how to weigh in during this important process.

New York Solar Power

This 32MW Long Island Solar Farm solar farm is the largest on the east coast, providing hundreds of construction jobs and creating enough power for 4,500 homes.

Harnessing the power of the sun creates local jobs, improves air quality, and stabilizes volatile energy costs. Solar power is uniquely able to meet peak energy demand locally since the sun shines brightest in the peak demand months of summer, thereby averting the need for other, dirtier energy sources.

The solar energy potential for New York State is greater than Germany, the current world leader in installed solar capacity. Currently, New York ranks 12th in the country for installed solar capacity, with more than 3,000 people working in the solar industry and more 30,000 homes powered by solar energy.

In order to further utilize the state's vast solar resources, Governor Cuomo launched the NY Sun initiative in 2012, which has resulted in 300 MW of solar power, more than was generated in the previous decade. CCE is working to ensure a long-term extension of NY-SUN through 2023, which would result in approximately 3,000 megawatts of solar throughout New York!

New York Wind Power

Harnessing New York wind resources offers an opportunity to move toward energy independence while reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Wind is locally generated energy that requires zero fuel and causes zero emissions. Wind projects are also an investment in our communities, bringing jobs and tax revenues, while also providing revenues to farmers and other landowners that site wind turbines on their property.

From the Atlantic Ocean to the Great Lakes, New York has vast wind resources. The American Wind Energy Association ranks NY as the 12th in the nation for installed wind energy capacity, with 18 successful wind projects generating enough power for over 500,000 homes. However, New York's wind energy potential is still largely untapped, and investment is needed in offshore wind projects if the state is going to be a national leader in renewable energy generation. Offshore wind projects have been proposed for the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Long Island, and in the Great Lakes; although no off-shore projects have been built. CCE is working to advance both onshore and offshore wind development in New York State.