CCE works to advance legislation that will protect our natural environment and public health, while working to oppose legislation that will have an adverse impact on our shared environment. Regular sessions of the Connecticut General Assembly are held from January to June in odd-numbered years and from February to May in even-numbered years.

Below is a list of proposed legislation that CCE is working to advance or oppose in the 2018 State of Connecticut Legislative Session.

Legislative Agenda Items:

Preparing Connecticut for Sea Level Rise and Climate Adaptation (SB 7)
Requires sea level rise models to be incorporated into Connecticut's conservation and development plans, hazard mitigation plans, and Comprehensive Energy Strategy.
CCE's Memo of Support on Preparing for Sea Level Rise in CT

Modernizing Connecticut's Bottle Deposit Law (SB 10)
Expands Connecticut's Bottle Bill to include non-carbonated beverage containers not currently covered by the law, and establishes a refundable container deposit on wine and liquor bottles.
CCE's Memo of Support on Modernizing the Bottle Bill in CT

Prohibiting Hazardous Fracking Waste in Connecticut (SB103)
Enacts a permanent ban on the storage, treatment, and disposal of hazardous fracking waste in Connecticut.
CCE's Memo of Support on Permanently Banning Fracking Waste in CT

Prohibiting the Use of Residential Automatic Pesticide Misting Systems (SB 104)
Enhances protection of our pollinator species and human health by prohibiting residential pesticide misting systems. 
CCE's Memo of Support on Prohibiting the Use of Residential Automatic Pesticide Misting Systems

Repealing Connecticut's Ratepayer-Paid Gas Infrastructure Tax (SB 332)
Prohibits surcharges from being levied against electric ratepayers to subsidize oil and gas pipeline expansion across New England.
CCE's Memo of Support on Repealing CT's Pipeline Tax

Establishing a Full Scale Shared Solar Program (SB 336)
Allows for the establishment of community "shared solar" facilities, allowing residents and businesses to reap the benefits of clean solar, whether or not they are able to install solar PV panels on their roofs.
CCE's Memo of Support on Establishing a Full Scale Shared Solar Program

Educating Consumers About Plastic Microfibers (SB 341)
Establishes a working group to educate consumers about the harmful impacts of microfibers on marine ecosystems and disseminate best practices for reducing plastic microfiber pollution entering our water.
CCE's Memo of Support on Establishing a Working Group to Address Plastic Microfibers

Preparing Chemical Facilities for the Impacts of Climate Change (SB 343)
Requires chemical facilities in the coastal boundary to address climate change impacts in their emergency response plans, including sea level rise impacts.
CCE's Memo of Support on Requiring Chemical Facilities to Address Climate Change Impacts in Their Emergency Response Plans

Educating Connecticut's Youth about Climate Change (SB 345)
Requires climate change education to be taught in public schools.
CCE's Memo of Support on Requiring Climate Change Education in CT Public Schools

Reducing Fugitive Methane Emissions in Connecticut (SB 346)
Reduces the threshold for PURA to investigate lost or unaccounted-for methane gas.
CCE's Memo of Support on Lowering the Threshold on Fugitive Methane Gas Emissions

Updating Connecticut's Sewage Right to Know Act (HB 5130)
Requires sewer plant operators in the state to report sewage overflows to DEEP electronically, and to notify the municipality whenever sewage overflows contaminate state waterways.
CCE's Memo of Support to Require Sewer Plant Operators to Participate in the Electronic Reporting System

Banning the Use of Chemical Flame Retardants in Children's Products and Household Furniture (HB 5329)
Prohibits the sale of children's products and household upholstered furniture made with organohalogen flame retardants.
CCE's Memo of Support on Banning Flame Retardant Chemicals in Children's Products and Upholstered Residential Furniture

Undoing 90-Day Automatic Permit Approvals at DEEP (HB 5454)
Undoes the automatic approval requirement at DEEP if a permit is not approved or denied within 90 days.
CCE's Memo of Support on Reversing the 90-Day Automatic Permit Approval at DEEP

Increasing Handling Fees Paid to Redemption Centers and Retailers (HB 5457)
Increases the handling fees paid to CT container redemption centers for each container collected under the Bottle Bill.
CCE's Memo of Support on Increasing the Handling Fees Paid to CT Redemption Centers